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Al Galvez Publishing, Inc- Al Galvez/AKIAV: MUSIC

ALL SONGS-Written & Performed by Al Galvez

"My Disguise" (Fragile eyes) }

"Still Believe/ Tienes Fe?"

(AKIAV 'Raw Flow'-Space Cadette Records)
A.G Pub/City of Peace Music

"Will You?"

(A.G Pub/ Sony-Crescent Moon)
Produced By: : Emilio Estefan & Sebastian Kris


(Universal Records)
Title trk for Universal Pictures Ray Liotta/Ashley Judd film: The Identical

"Strange" (a bastard's prayer)

"The Sword and The Cross"

sea of spies (nature tech)

THE WAY (Doo dah doo da)

"Quiero" (no one like you)

"Message me never again"

"Wide River"

The Speed of Sound

"Eye-burner"(Lost in L.A)

"Rain On Me"

"Drive" (into the storm)

"While danny sleeps"

"I Know"

Palm Reader

"Cold Rose" (flashing dreams)

"Letter to you"

"Bonfire Party"

(Left) to sing

"Lonely One" (0n the run)

"Cruel New Year"

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