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Al Galvez Publishing, Inc- Al Galvez/AKIAV: MUSIC

"The Sword and The Cross"


(Left) to sing

"Will You?"


"Rain On Me"

"Letter to you"

"Wide River"

"Message me never again"

"Still Believe/ Tienes Fe?"

"True to the Truth" (Life's a Game)

"My Disguise" (Fragile eyes) }

"I Know"

"Bonfire Party"

"Calling Hope"

"While danny sleeps"

"Don't You Cry"

"Cruel New Year"

"Strange" (a bastard's prayer)

"Wink a Little" (the Cure)

"Drive" (into the storm) {3:37}

"When" {3:23]

"Lost in L.A"

"why does Joe never write back?"

"Only One" (A drive under the stars)

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